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Fly Above All - Setting a Higher Standard Since 1974

What Sets Us Apart?
With a combined 40+ years of teaching experience and the 2012 US Instructor of the Year, Fly Above All Paragliding is the oldest and most experienced school in the nation. We bring the newest techniques, the best equipment, and the safest practices to our students. There are many paragliding schools around, but none that continually update their program to include the latest information the way we do. Our syllabus is sought after by schools around the world and is recognized as the best program available. Having a Fly Above All instructor's name on your rating card means you are the best of the best and received top quality instruction.

At Fly Above All Paragliding we prefer to specialize in small, relaxing class sizes that allow us to teach the information you need to be a safe pilot over the long term. Calm thoroughness is the right choice when you want to fly safely. With the highest long-term student retention rate in the country, our students prove the value of our program every day.

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What You Need To Know!
Paragliding, with the proper instruction, can be a safe, exciting, and fulfilling sport. At Fly Above All Paragliding we are conservative pilots and we instill that in our students. On your first day of training it will become clear that we take no chances. Your first flights will be from the bottom of our world class training hill in Santa Barbara and as your skills progress we will work our way up until you are flying, by yourself, off the top. If you are continuing on to your P2 rating we will progress through the skill demonstrations, have ground school in easy to manage sessions based on our in-house syllabus, and gain experience in the air. By the time you are ready for your rating you will have 2-3 times more flights and experience than are required by our national organization or available at other schools. After the P2 rating most pilots will want to start working on their P3 and P4. Those ratings are included as part of your P2 course at no extra charge.

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Who We Are
We have an amazing staff of instructors and all of them are Advanced Level, certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association and the Professional Air Sports Association. Chris Grantham and Chad Bastian are Instructor Administrators and teach others how to be top quality instructors. Chris is also one of the few US Instructor Administrators of the new Speed Flying program. In 2012 Chris was awarded with the much sought after Instructor of the Year award and Chad Bastian was ranked the top US PPG pilot. As a team we bring the latest safety practices and understanding to our small and rapidly evolving sport. Our permanent staff of instructors have been at Fly Above All for a combined 40 years! You won't find that at any other school. Several of our instructors are also USPPA instructors, able to take you on your first Paramotor (PPG) flights.

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What People Are Saying About Us
At Fly Above All we're not big on inflating our own egos, but when we get reviews like this we can't help but feel proud.

"Jeanie had a wonderful day yesterday on her first day of paragliding in Santa Barbara. [...] she calls yesterday her "best day ever".

Chris, I've been a military flight instructor for over 20 years: You were wonderful with Jeanie and are one of the best instructors I've met. Thank you!

I look forward to spending more time in the coming months with you."


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