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Santa Barbara and Ojai XC Waypoints
Santa Barbara and Ojai are amazing places to fly with excellent cross country potential for hang gliders and paragliders year-round. While most pilots are comfortable boating around high over Skyport or Parma, there are an intrepid few who like to venture down the Santa Ynez range, or head Northeast from the largest of our thermal sites. For those who already fly XC and those who would like to, we have compiled a GPS coordinate list of the most notable points along the route, including launch sites, landing zones, and critical crossings. The waypoints list is in GPX format and can be uploaded to your GPS/Flytec/Flymaster with GPSDump. You can download the GPX file HERE! (HINT: hold down option/alt when clicking to download the file instead of viewing it in your web browser.)

To get from Skyport to Santa Paula for example, we recommend the following route:

SKYPRT - Skyport
MNTCTO - Montecito Peak
CASTLE - Castle Ridge
PWRLNS - Powerlines
WDIVID - West Divide
WHTLDG - White Ledge
NUTHSE - Nuthouse
PYRAMD - Pyramid
TWNPKS - Twin Peaks
BOYDS - Boyds
SPRIDG - Santa Paula Ridge
SPGAS - Santa Paula Gas Station

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